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A story of respect

Where tradition meets reverence, Sidi Olive Oil embodies the spirit of respect—for heritage, for the hands that nurture the land, and for the nature that sustains us all


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Sidi Organic Extra Vergine Olive Oil



  • Award-winning, certified organic product
  • Exceptional quality (award winning)
  • Carefully hand-picked


The olives used for Sidi are carefully hand-picked at different stages of maturity and assembled to create a balanced and pleasant extra virgin olive oil.


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Premium organic extra virgin olive oil. The olives used for Sidi are carefully hand-picked at different stages of maturity and assembled to create a balanced and pleasant extra virgin olive oil. Tasting notes of orchid fruits, fresh cut grass & aromatic herbs. The bottle has a unique anti drip cap.


0.5 liter



Our people

At the heart of Sidi Olive Oil lies a vibrant community of dedicated workers and passionate farmers, the essence of a timeless way of life. Bound by a shared commitment to respect for the land and its heritage, they nurture our olive groves organically, guided by the simple belief in leaving a richer legacy for future generations.

These skilled hands, from the pickers who tenderly harvest our olives to the artisans who craft our oil, work harmoniously, fostering a spirit of unity that elevates every drop of Sidi. This essence, woven into our story, reflects not only in the exceptional quality of our oil but also in the warmth and authenticity of our brand.


Sidi olive oil is produced with Oliverie Boubaker. Boubaker’s domain is nested on a hillside estate overlooking Tunis bay. Its century-old olive trees were first planted by Italian growers who patiently bred and selected exclusive varieties fit to the southern Mediterranean climate and biotope. The family-run domain carries on the millennial olive oil tradition by respecting artisanal processes. Where pesticides and fertilisers-free olives are hand picked and the organic oil is extracted in cold pressed tradition.




Sidi invites you to embark on a journey through the captivating realm of olive oil. Here, you’ll discover the world’s best-kept secret – Tunisia’s unrivaled olive oil heritage. Our mission is simple: to ensure that everyone can relish the delights of premium quality olive oil while honoring the timeless Tunisian traditions of gastronomy, warm hospitality, and unwavering respect.

Our product

Sidi Olive Oil transcends being a mere culinary delight; it’s a lifestyle, a testament to respect—for tradition, the artisans who craft it, and the environment that sustains it. It embodies an essence of reverence and unity, drawing from the timeless ways of our dedicated farmers and skilled workers. Beyond its extraordinary taste, Sidi represents a commitment to preserving our heritage and enriching our future. Each bottle carries the spirit of a community that values simplicity, respect, and leaving a profound legacy for generations to come.

Honesty is respect

We are on a mission to not just bring the exceptional taste of Tunisian olive oil to your table, but to also ensure that the rich heritage and hard work behind it are respected and rewarded. Sidi Olive Oil is your gateway to extraordinary quality, but it’s also a bridge to fairness in the olive oil industry. With every drop, you support a community that passionately upholds the values of integrity, equality, and sustainability. We are more than just olive oil; we are a movement, bringing a taste of respect and equity to your every meal.

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