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Our story

Sidi: The Way of Respect

In a world where tradition often gives way to modernization, Sidi Olive Oil stands as a beacon of respect—for the product, the people who nurture it, and the nature that sustains it. Our journey began in 2020 when two brothers, Farouk and Nasreddine Nefzi, embarked on a mission to rekindle the essence of Tunisian extra virgin olive oil.


A Name Rooted in Esteem

The name “Sidi” holds deep significance. It is an Arabic title of respect, found in India and Africa, often used to honor those with wisdom. We chose this name because it perfectly embodies our commitment to reverence—for the craftsmanship of our product, the generations of olive growers who tend the trees, and the environment upon which all life depends.


A Return to Ancestral Roots

Farouk and Nasreddine’s journey began in the Netherlands, where they grew up, but their hearts were forever tied to Tunisia, their ancestral homeland. Their grandfather was a steward of a traditional farm, and the memories of horse-drawn plows and communal harvesting remained etched in their minds. These cherished childhood experiences, combined with their awareness of the challenges facing contemporary Tunisian olive oil farmers, ignited a desire to bring this artisan industry back to its roots.


Kindred Spirits Unite

In their quest to revive the spirit of traditional olive oil farming, Farouk and Nasreddine joined forces with Oliverie Boubaker, a former journalist who shared their vision and passion. Boubaker’s family were olive oil sommeliers, deeply connected to the land and its bounty.


Respectful Farming, Hand-Harvested

At Sidi, we hold our values high. We have returned to the age-old practice of hand-harvesting, where specialist pickers, irrespective of gender, ensure that every olive is carefully plucked. Our commitment extends to the protection and preservation of our olive trees—the lifeblood of our olive oil. Unlike machine farming, our methods avoid damage to the olives, preventing oxidation and preserving the oil’s purity.


A Pure and Organic Tribute

The result of this meticulous process is the purest 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, exported directly to the Netherlands with no middlemen taking a share. Sold under the Sidi brand, our olive oil is a testament to Tunisia’s ancient olive oil culture, a heritage we hold dear. But beyond heritage, the true magic of Sidi lies in its taste—a divine experience that connects you to the very essence of our land.


Sidi Olive Oil is more than a product; it’s a journey, a tribute, and a legacy. It’s a celebration of respect—for tradition, for the hands that tend the trees, and for the nature that sustains us all. Welcome to Sidi, where the way of respect is the only way we know. Taste the reverence; savor the tradition.