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Transparency and Traceability

We understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from. With Sidi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can trace the journey of each bottle back to the very tree it came from. Our online portal allows you to enter your unique batch number and explore the story of your olive oil, from the orchard to your table.


1. Defining Traceability
Traceability, in the context of our olive oil, means meticulously tracking the product from its very origin to the moment it reaches our valued consumers. It’s about creating a clear and unbroken chain of information, ensuring accountability and transparency.


2. Providing Detailed Production Information
We leave no stone unturned in providing you with a comprehensive understanding of our production process. This encompasses detailed data about the farms, the cultivation techniques employed, and the precise methods used in processing the olives.


3. Farm and Orchard Information
Our olives are nurtured in carefully selected farms and orchards. We specify the names and locations of each, giving you insight into the soil conditions, climate, and other factors that influence the quality of our olives.


Our farmer’s olive grove, Domain Boubaker is nested on a hillside estate overlooking Tunis. Century-old olive trees were first planted by Italian growers who patiently bred and selected native varieties fit to the southern Mediterranean climate and biotope.

The family carries on the millennial olive oil tradition by respecting artisanal processes where pesticides and fertilizers free olives by hand picking and the organic oil is extracted in cold pressed tradition.


Olivereraie Boubaker, 9 Street Jerusalem, Tunis 1002, Certified organic bij Ecocert SA, TN-BIO-001


4. Certification and Compliance
Rest assured, our olive oil is certified as organic or bio by Ecocert, the official certifying body appointed by the European Union and situated in France. We’re transparent about the certification body and the stringent standards we adhere to, ensuring that our product meets and exceeds the highest industry benchmarks.


Certificat n° 233730-TN-2021-Z-246810-2022 as Bio (organic). Oliveraie Boubaker submitted its activities to inspection and complies with the requirements established in Law 99-30 of April 5, 1999, regarding organic agriculture and associated texts.

5. SKAL and Traces

SKAL is a renowned certification body based in the Netherlands that plays a pivotal role in the organic industry. It is tasked with overseeing and regulating the certification process for organic products. Traces NT, on the other hand, is an integral system that every bio product undergoes for certification. This robust system ensures that all aspects of production, from cultivation to processing, adhere to strict organic standards. With SKAL and Traces NT, consumers can trust that when they purchase a certified bio product, they are getting a genuine, high-quality organic product that meets stringent international standards.


The Certificate of Inspection (COI) issued by Traces is COI.TN.2023.0001012 signed off by authority.

The BIO certificate from SKAL has been issued on 13 September 2023 and signed off under number Skalnr: 112748.


6. Harvest Dates
We believe in the significance of freshness. Therefore, we meticulously document and share the specific dates or timeframes during which the olives are harvested. This ensures that you experience the vibrant, robust flavors of our olive oil. The harvesting has been executed for Batch Nr 052.1 in October 2023.


7. Extraction Process
Our extraction process is a blend of tradition and innovation. We take care to describe how the oil is extracted, highlighting the equipment and methods used. We cherish unique and time-honored practices that elevate the quality of our olive oil.


The journey of Sidi Olive Oil is not just about olives; it’s about the hands that carefully harvest them. Our olives are meticulously handpicked by the skilled and dedicated men and women of the village. These workers work joyfully, earning fair and equal wages for their labor, just as the men do. With immense care and love, they gather the olives, ensuring no harm comes to the fruit. Harvest season is a time of celebration, eagerly awaited all year. It’s a time for laughter, songs, and the aroma of freshly brewed tea. The olives, bursting with flavor, are swiftly transported to the mill, where we extract the precious nectar that is Sidi Olive Oil.

8. Bottling and Packaging
From the type of bottles used to the labeling and quality control measures in place, we provide complete transparency about the bottling and packaging process. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering a product of the highest quality.


9. Batch Numbers or Codes
Every production batch is assigned a unique identifier. This empowers our customers to trace the precise batch of oil they’ve purchased, giving them confidence in the authenticity of our product. Batch number is mentioned on each label.


10. Lab Testing and Analysis
We leave no room for compromise when it comes to quality. Our olive oil undergoes rigorous lab testing and analysis. This includes assessments for quality, purity, and compliance with organic standards. For this we receive our certification.


11. Barcodes
For quick and easy access to detailed information, our product labels feature barcodes. A simple scan provides you with a wealth of knowledge about the journey of your olive oil.


12. Supplier Information
In the interest of complete transparency, we provide information about our trusted suppliers. If multiple are involved, we share details about their locations and practices, reaffirming our commitment to quality sourcing.


13. Transparency Statement
We stand by our principles of transparency, quality, and sustainability in olive oil production. Our statements reflect our unwavering dedication to these values, ensuring that you receive a product that aligns with your ethical choices.


14. Customer Support
For any additional inquiries or concerns about the traceability of our product, our customer support team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need.